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(For the Parish Council's Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy, please see HERE

Please see this letter HERE from Mid Sussex District Council to nearby residents regarding the Hazeldens planning appeal (see below for the planning history of the site) 

ALBOURNE PARISH COUNCIL has now completed the Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2019/20, and the papers submitted for external audit - see the Notice of Public Rights and Publication of the un-audited annual Governance and Accountability Return HERE. Please also see the Transparency Code page for all the relevant documents and information for the 19/20 audit year, and for previous years. 

There is a vacancy for one of the allotment plots in the Parish. Please see HERE for further details. Please note that this vacancy has now been filled, but if you want to be added to the waiting list for an allotment, please let the Parish Council know.

In view of the current lock down situation, all Parish Council meetings (in person) are suspended until further notice. Please see the meetings page of this website for further information.

A message from our Chairman, Councillor Graham Stafford-

The Parish Council is concerned about any vulnerable residents in the Village in the light of the current Coronavirus situation. We want to take the lead in being as helpful as we can, and being aware of anybody that may require help, should they find it necessary to self -isolate. Please let us know if you need help, or if you are aware of anyone who does. Should residents have to stay indoors, perhaps a phone call or a tap on their window to check their mental well being would let them know we (as Councillors and the wider Albourne community) are thinking of them and are here to help if required. With kind regards and keep healthy.

A message from West Sussex County Council Public Rights of Way (PROW)-  

"Please note WSCC has suspended the 15 month Inspection and Maintenance Cycle, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and is currently only taking action on Public Rights of Way where reported issues require work to ensure public safety on the network. Should any enquiries received not be of this nature it will be logged so it can be prioritised and addressed in the future when normal working practices are resumed. We are currently reviewing when we can re-start inspections in line with government guidance and ask you for your patience in dealing with issues that arise. It is also important to note that our summer clearance programme for surface vegetation has now begun on selected paths and is running between the 1st June and mid-August.

· At this time it is important to remind people that public footpaths are for use by the public on foot only and cycling on these routes is a trespass against the landowner. This unlawful use risks conflict on the paths themselves and considerable challenges for people trying to keep the necessary 2m apart whilst enjoying the countryside.

· It is also important to note that landowners are responsible for any side vegetation encroaching onto the path and any structures on the PROW network, such as stiles and gates. If appropriate to do so please contact the landowner, if known, directly to make them aware of the issue but if not you can continue to report such issues by following the link below.

A final reminder is the need to ensure good hygiene when using the PROW network including regular hand washing along with social distancing in line with government advice."

Formal consultation on the draft Horsham District Council District Plan (2019-2032) has started today, 17th February 2020, and runs until the 30th March 2020. Please see HERE. One of the nine strategic sites selected by the Council is the Mayfield's site to the north east of Henfield for up to 7000 houses. This borders the boundary with Mid Sussex, and is very close to the Parish of Albourne. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SAY!    

Please see HERE for the latest on the Horsham District Council District Plan. The Plan proposals may well affect villages and local communities in Mid Sussex. Please have you say when the formal consultation opens.

Please see HERE for details of the appeal concerning the former Hazeldens Garden nursery site (see the planning history of the site below).    

CLC MEETINGS: The next Central and South Mid Sussex County Local Committee is on Tuesday, [      ] at 7.00 p.m. Please see the Information page for further details or view poster HERE (when meetings resume). 

PLANNING (HAZELDENS) - Following the refusal, the below application is now being appealed, and under the recovered appeals procedure, will be decided by the Secretary of State, following an inquiry held by a Planning Inspector, in early 2020.

PLANNING (HAZELDENS) - Further to the below, the applicant has now submitted a new application to MSDC, under reference DM/19/1001. This application, and the Parish Council's response, will be discussed at its meeting on 14th May 2019. Please now see the minutes of this meeting, should you wish to view the response. Please note that this application was also REFUSED by MSDC on 26th July 2019.

PLANNING (HAZELDENS) - Further to the Parish Council meeting on 3rd October 2017, the Parish Council has lodged a detailed submission to Mid Sussex District Council in response to planning application DM/17/3784 - site of the former Hazeldens Nursery (outline application for an extra care development of up to 110 units). Please find the response HERE Update: Please note that the application was REFUSED by MSDC on 23rd March 2018. 



Most people who are lucky to live in and around Albourne village see it as an idyllic place with its lovely rural setting yet close proximity to all the facilities required for day to day living. This is not to say, however, that there isn’t room for improvement. One area which causes problems for residents is the volume of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic on the Henfield Road (B2116) which has increased in recent times. Concerns have been expressed about the physical presence and speed of these vehicles as well as the noise disturbance, vibration and pollution they cause. There are also safety concerns for the children who use the road on their way to and from the school as well as for other pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. Abourne Parish Council is committed to doing what it can to improve the situation and, with this end in mind, set up a working group to tackle the problem. To date this group has carried out traffic surveys, challenged WSCC over planning decisions, set up speed indication devices (SIDs) and held a series of meetings with Olus one of the major users of HGVs at the Firsland and Winterpick industrial sites. These meetings have resulted in voluntary speed restrictions through the village and some rerouting of HGVs to and from the sites. Most recently the group has prepared an application to WSCC for reduced speed limits and improved road signage. The Parish Council is also considering village gateways, which together with other changes, could have a traffic  calming impact. Your views on these and any other measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of HGVs in particular, and speeding traffic generally, would be welcome as would details of any road incidents or near misses involving vehicles. Please email the Parish Clerk at




Albourne, a small village with a population of about 600, is situated in the low Weald and Mid Sussex, just north of the South Downs. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The scattered village is rich in old and historical buildings. The old rectory and the original village school are in an idylic setting adjacent to Cutlers Brook, an alder-lined stream from which the village gets its name: 'Al' from alder and "bourne" - a small stream.

In the heart of the village is Woodbine Cottage, childhood home of James Starley, a pioneer maker and inventor of the differential gear used on early bicyles, whose success brought prosperity to the City of Coventry. For further information, please see the article HERE, which is reproduced with the kind permission of Sussex Living magazine. Both 'Gallops' and 'The Pound' are c17th century. The former, a timber-framed building, is perhaps the old building in the village, and the latter used to impound straying animals. Albourne Place, in Truslers Hill Lane, is a large mid-17th century former manor house where William Juxon, later Archbishop of Canterbury, lived following his imprisonment by Cromwell, reputedly for refusing to tell the secret of the last words of Charles 1 on the scaffold.


This website has been designed and constructed to provide what the Parish Council hope will be a valuable resource, especially to find out more about what is happening within the Council and the wider Albourne community.  As the site develops we hope it will become the local access point for information about the Parish Council and principal Local Authority Services and further advice on these services.  Our 'Useful Links' page contains a number of links to websites that will be of interest to a wide range of residents.
 We plan that it will be a further resource for community development and support through:

  • involving local people more in what is happening in the village;
  • improving communication;
  • engaging everyone in local issues, through providing you with more information.

All within the parish we hope will share views and create positive change in what might be a fast changing world for us in the coming years.

To find more information within the site, use the navigation buttons on the left hand side of each page.

We also intend through the website to help us increase our links with the community.  If you would like to advertise your event on the site, please contact us.

Parish Statistics

Population estimated 2012: 600
(information gathered from Mid Sussex District Council)