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NEW - the next  West Sussex County Council "County Local Committee" (CLC) meeting is on 1st December 2015. Please see "Information" page for further details.  

NEW - Mid Sussex District Council is increasing the housing numbers it needs to find in its District Plan. Please see their press release HERE  

NEW - Halloween!!! Please see this press release from MSDC HERE and the poster referred to HERE (should you want to print it off and put it up). 

NEW - The audit of the Parish Council's financial affairs, for the year 2014/15 has now been completed, and signed off by the external auditors, Littlejohns. The Parish Council is obliged to publish the complete Annual Return, and so please find the document HERE 

 NEW - The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) is holding a number of public drop in sessions to promote and explain their own Local Plan, which will guide the planning process within the National Park. A small part of the Parish of Albourne to the south, falls within the Park. Please see HERE for further details. 

NEW - Albourne pop-up Village Pub "The Albourne Arms" opens on Sunday 19th July. Please see the events page for further information. Please come along and support this new Village initiative.   

NEW - Mid Sussex District Council has published its pre-submission District Plan. This is the cumulative result of previous versions and consultation exercises. It also takes on board all the latest work MSDC has carried out since the original Plan was found by the Inspector not to have met the duty to co-operate. The closing date for comments is 24th July 2015. For further details, please click HERE  

NEW - The Parish Council election on 7th May 2015 was uncontested, as there were only 6 nominated candidates for the 7 seats on the Council. As a result Councillors Price, Stafford, Ernest, Compton, Jordan, and Wergan are deemed automatically elected as Parish Councillors for a term of four years. There was therefore one vacancy (see further below).

[Mick Gratton decided to stand down as a Councillor in 2015, although he still going to be heavily involved in taking the Neighbourhood Plan through. Mick has been an invaluable member of the Council, particularly on planning matters, and we thank him for all his hard work and dedication over the last four years. We also wish him all the very best for the future.] 

NEW - At the Parish Council meeting on 2nd June, Di Howard was co-opted to the vacancy on the Parish Council, so as to take the Council back up to its full complement of 7 Councillors. We very much welcome Di onto the Council, and hope that she enjoys the role.   

NEW - Thank you to everyone who responded on the pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Plan. The period for comment is now closed, and the Parish Council will be considering all the input it has received, and deciding if the Plan needs amendment and revision as a result of the comments made. After that, it will prepare the submission Plan, along with a Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement, which it will then formally submit to Mid Sussex District Council.  



Albourne, a small village with a population of about 600, is situated in the low Weald and Mid Sussex, just north of the South Downs. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The scattered village is rich in old and historical buildings. The old rectory and the original village school are in an idylic setting adjacent to Cutlers Brook, an alder-lined stream from which the village gets its name: 'Al' from alder and bourne - a small stream.

In the heart of the village is Woodbine Cottage, childhood home of James Starley, a pioneer maker and inventor of the differential gear used on early bicyles, whose success brought prosperity of Coventry. Both 'Gallops' and 'The Pound' are c17th century. The former, a timber-framed building, is perhaps the old building in the village, and the latter used to impound straying animals. Albourne Place, in Truslers Hill Lane, is a large mid-17th century former manor house where William Juxon, later Archbishop of Canterbury, lived following his imprisonment by Cromwell, reputedly for refusing to tell the secret of the last words of Charles 1 on the scaffold.


This website has been designed and constructed to provide what the Parish Council hope will be a valuable resource, especially to find out more about what is happening within the Council and the wider Albourne community.  As the site develops we hope it will become the local access point for information about the Parish Council and principal Local Authority Services and further advice on these services.  Our 'Useful Links' page contains a number of links to websites that will be of interest to a wide range of residents.
 We plan that it will be a further resource for community development and support through:

  • involving local people more in what is happening in the village;
  • improving communication;
  • engaging everyone in local issues, through providing you with more information.

All within the parish we hope will share views and create positive change in what might be a fast changing world for us in the coming years.

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We also intend through the website to help us increase our links with the community.  If you would like to advertise your event on the site, please contact us.

Parish Statistics

Population estimated 2012: 600
(information gathered from Mid Sussex District Council)