Transparency Code

In addition to the Agendas and Minutes of meetings, the Parish Council is required to publish the following information, under the provisions of the Smaller Authorities (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 2015. This is for Authorities with an annual turn over not exceeding £25,000. 

  • All items of expenditure and income above £100. Please click HERE to view a copy of the Cash Book for the financial year 2014/15. Please click HERE to view a copy of the Cash Book for the year 2015/16, and HERE for the year 2016/17. 
  • End of year accounts, being the Annual Governance Statement, the Annual Accounting Statement, and the Internal Auditor's report. For the year 2014/15, please click HERE  and for the year 2015/16, please click HERE 
    For the year 2016/17, please see the item on the Home page. Please note that these documents are now with the external auditor, Littlejohns, and completion of the audit is awaited. The audit has now been completed, and so please now find HERE a copy of the statutory Notice of the Conclusion of the Audit, along with Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Annual Return, which can be found HERE
  • The end of year Bank Reconciliation Statement for the relevant year. For 2015/16, please click HERE and for 2016/17 HERE
  • The end of year explanation of significant variances. For 2015/16, please click HERE and for 2016/17 HERE

  • List of Councillor responsibilities:-

    Councillor Graham Stafford: neighbourhood policing liaison; flooding and drainage (Operation Watershed). 
    Councillor Nikki Ernest: planning applications; planning enforcement; Neighbourhood Plan.
    Councillor Heather Jordan: trees; footpaths; allotments; Millennium Garden.
    Councillor Di Howard: Recreation Ground issues (Ground owned and managed by Mid Sussex District Council).
    Councillor Jerry Butler: Village Hall issues and liaison.
    Councillor Suzi Sawyer: (Tree Warden), Village Hall liaison.
    Councillor John Drew: Traffic, speeding, and HGVs. 

  •   Details of public land and building assets:-

      Albourne Village Hall - owned (leasehold) by the Parish Council as sole managing and custodian Trustee.
      Millennium Garden
      Medieval Pound