Village Hall Committee Meetings

The Village Hall Management Committee, now formally a sub-committee of the Parish Council, and which is a charitable trust, meets usually quarterly and is made up of Albourne Parish Council, as trustee of the village hall (5 members appointed at each Annual Parish Council meeting in May), plus up to 3 co-opted members from the wider community. Currently, the Parish Councillors are Jerry Butler, Graham Stafford, Di Smith, Suzanne Sawyer, and John Drew. There are three co-opted members, but currently only two filled, being Mick Gratton (a former Parish Councillor), and Eve Gerhold (from the Under 5s users Group), who was appointed to the Committee at its meeting on 30th March 2021. There is therefore a vacancy for a third co-opted member at the present time. (John Parks (co-opted) resigned from the Committee in December 2019.) The acting Chairman is currently Councillor Jerry Butler (John Parks being the previous Chairman). Former Chairman and Parish Council member, Elaine Makey, stood down from the Committee some time ago, as did the previous Chairman, Ann Higginson, more recently.

Meetings, which are open to the press and public, take place in the village hall and the committee welcomes contributions from members of the public as to how the hall can be used to benefit the community and to increase it's benefit to village life. Please do let the Parish Council Clerk - Iain McLean, the Village Hall Booking Secretary, or any of the Village Hall Committee members know of any ideas that you would like to put forward.

Agendas and minutes of the meetings (from the June 2019 meeting) are published below, and all previous agendas and minutes are available on request to the Clerk (see Contact Us page). The Agenda will be published on the Thursday before the meeting at the latest.(Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were no meetings held between the 25th February 2020 and 30th March 2021.)

Next Meeting Date:   Tuesday, 31st May 2022 at 7.00 pm via Zoom - joining instructions set out below (available a week before the meeting)-


 AGENDA                                                     MINUTES

 25/06/19 25/06/19
 24/09/19 24/09/19
 17/12/19 17/12/19
 25/02/20 25/02/20
 30/03/21 30/03/21
 29/06/21 29/06/21
 28/09/21 28/09/21
 30/11/21 30/11/21
 22/02/22 22/02/22
 31/05/22 31/05/22